List shops

Retrieve all shops created by your organisation.



Authenticate yourself using your organisation api token




200 application/json

A paginated object is returned with a list of shop objects.

The results are paginated. Fetching all objects of a resource can be convenient. At the same time, returning too many objects at once can be unpractical from a performance perspective. Doing so might be too much work for the Eventgoose API to generate, or for your website to process.

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

    "data": [
            "id": "a5KgQw2vqOPlAZJ9",
            "url": "shop1",
            "full_url": "",
            "banner": null,
            "language": "EN",
            "html": null,
            "css": null,
            "custom_color": null,
            "text": null,
            "protected": false,
            "invoicing": false,
            "availability": [],
            "socials": [],
            "is_available": true
        {  },
        {  },
    "links": {
        "first": "",
        "last": "",
        "prev": null,
        "next": null
    "meta": {
        "current_page": 1,
        "from": 1,
        "last_page": 1,
        "path": "",
        "per_page": 20,
        "to": 3,
        "total": 3